Future of the One Health Program

A South Asia Regional One Health Symposium will be held in December 2013 for key participants in the One Health Hubs, including technical specialists and senior decision makers and policy directors in the government sector in each country, regional and international experts, and representatives of the donor and international agencies, serving as a regional knowledge-sharing event focussed on One Health epidemiology and biosecurity.

The Symposium will provide a forum for inter-ministerial and cross-sectoral dialogue focussed on ensuring the sustainability of the One Health Hubs and agenda, presenting the results of project activities, engaging participants in a regional-level zoonotic disease simulation exercise, and providing additional specialised training as required.

Ongoing commitment from each of the countries to jointly maintain the One Health Hubs and collaborative activities between their Ministries nationally and regionally will be sought in pursuit of a sustainable One Health agenda in the region beyond the end of the program funding.

Focussed on zoonotic disease priorities, further collaborations are actively being sought in the region to help ensure continuation of One Health Hub activities that strengthen capability and capacity at both national and regional levels, and to assist in meeting the critical needs and resolving key constraints identified.