Regional workshop on One Health Economics and Policy in Colombo 7-10 October

A specialised regional training workshop on One Health Economics and Policy is being held over four days in Colombo, Sri Lanka, from 7-10 October 2013, led by Emeritus Professor Roger Morris from Massey University and Dr Susmita Chattopadhyay from the Public Health Foundation of India. Presentations will also be made by Dr Suranga Dolamulla, Deputy Director of the Colombo North Teaching Hospital.

This is the second of three specialised regional training workshops being held as part of the One Health Regional Training Program in Animal and Human Health Epidemiology in South Asia.

Amongst the participants are Directors General and other senior decision makers and policy directors from all seven countries that are participating in the Program, including Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

The workshop focusses on the value of research and surveillance results when used to inform policy decisions on infectious disease control. In order to do this, policy makers and directors need to be able to evaluate the epidemiological and economic impact of the disease and assess the cost-effectiveness of various intervention strategies. This workshop aims to build capacity in this specialised area by training and updating the skills of a representative group of animal health and public health professionals and policymakers from each of the participating countries.

The Objectives of the workshop are:

  1. To provide an analytical framework for the use of economic analysis in policy decisions.
  2. To review differences between benefit-cost approaches and macro-economic analyses.
  3. To present analytical approaches used in economic analysis of control programs for human disease, and approaches used in analyses of animal disease.
  4. To discuss the challenges in combining these approaches for the economic analysis of zoonoses.
  5. To illustrate analysis of disease control economics by working through examples of human disease control policy, animal disease control policy, and zoonosis control policy.
  6. To prepare a policy options paper on a zoonotic disease example suitable for presentation to the national government.
  7. To discuss within the group the challenges of using epidemiological and economic analyses in policy decisions, and how these challenges can best be met in the South Asian context.

The key intended outcome is that by the end of this workshop participants will have been assisted to more effectively incorporate economic analysis in policy decision making processes.