Meetings to further strengthen One Health Hubs

In October 2013, a series of meetings were held in each of the countries involved in the One Health Regional Training Program aimed at increasing the visibility of and further strengthening the One Health Hubs.

Within the Program, a focus has been on strengthening collaborative networks functioning as ‘One Health Hubs’ in each country, building on existing cross-sectoral relationships and organisational arrangements.

Within the One Health Hub in participating countries, multi-disciplinary teams have designed and implemented collaborative investigation projects (CIPs) on priority zoonoses, which have strengthened the Hub and provided a focus for the provision of further specialised epidemiological training.

The One Health Hubs are connected to form an informal One Health Network in the South Asia Region, underpinned by the online communication, collaboration and resource-sharing framework, Hubnet.

The One Health Hubs serve to embrace and show-case both government-led and other cross-sectoral One Health activities and achievements in each participating country and the organisational and operational structures that have been developed to support these.

The Hubs also serve as important communication and resource networks, led by government institutions and technical agencies involved in zoonotic disease control, that facilitate awareness and communication about One Health activities nationally and regionally, and bring together useful information and resources to strengthen capability and responsiveness.