Bangladesh National One Health Symposium

The Bangladesh National One Health Symposium was the 4th One Health conference to be held in Dhaka and the 7th to be held in Bangladesh since 2008. Over two hundred people attended including members from key organisations such as ICDDR, Ecohealth Alliance, CDC-Atlanta, FAO, UNICEF, WHO and Massey University. The overarching objective of this Symposium was to review and disseminate the progress made so far on One Health practices and to plan what is to be done in the near future.

Themes of the conference:

  • Diseases at the Human-Animal-Environmental Interface.
  • Applying the One Health Approach to Food Safety, Food Security & Nutrition.
  • One Health Capacity Building & Networking.
  • One Health Communication & Advocacy.

Recommendations for strengthening the One Health Hub Bangladesh and the One Health approach

  • Hold regarding human-animal health and vice-versa.
  • Formulate a database for our members for better and quick communication.
  • Make a network of one health members using Hubnet and the One Health Hub.
  • To develop a One Health strategic framework and action plan.
  • Take necessary steps for formulating an institutional program for One Health.
  • Appoint a One Health Strategic Secretary.
  • Create an organizational SOP for One Health in Bangladesh. 
  • Identify barriers to the One Health approach.
  • Influence of Government on the necessity of implementing a One Health approach through further workshops, Symposia and training.
  • Publish articles to international journals to promote the One Health approach in Bangladesh.
  • Involve policy makers involve in the One Health Hub Bangladesh programs.
  • Organise another regional conference on One Health in the year 2015.

General Resolutions

The participants of the One Health Dhaka Conference 2013, during their November 21-23, 2013 meeting recommend the following actions be implemented accordingly by the appropriate institutions:

  1. Create a database of names and contact information that recognizes all people involved in One Health in Bangladesh for use as a community resource in the One Health Hub Bangladesh. This information should be maintained in Hubnet.
  2. Support and encourage connections among people in Bangladesh involved in animal health, human health, environmental agencies, wildlife and agriculture. These connections should be represented within Bangladesh as a core part of membership in One Health Hub Bangladesh and across countries in the broader South Asia region through an active presence in the One Health Network South Asia.
  3. Institutionalise the ‘Strategic framework for One Health approach to infectious diseases in Bangladesh 2012’ by securing endorsement of the Framework in the relevant human, animal, and environmental health ministries in Bangladesh through creation of a One Health Secretariat.
  4. To prioritise and implement the activities described in the Action Plan of the ‘Strategic framework for One Health approach to infectious diseases in Bangladesh 2012’.
  5. Write a discussion or policy brief that describes the process used by Bangladesh to institutionalization of the One Health approach in the government sector. This paper should be published in an international journal to share the successful example with other countries.
  6. Implement a planning process to host a South Asia Regional One Health symposium, to be held in Bangladesh in early 2015.