World Rabies Day Commemoration Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka, the national rabies control activities are carried out by the Ministry of Health, but the Department of Animal Production and Health (DAPH) has organized number of programs to celebrate World Rabies Day (WRD) 2014.

DAPH has organized a dog sterilization and anti-rabies vaccination program in collaboration with the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science, OIE and Sri Lanka Veterinary Association (SLVA), at Animal Husbandry School, Karandagolla, Kandy on September 27, 2014. This program has been carried out during past years and the rural people in Karandagolla Village benefit from the program.

Sri Lanka was donated 300400 doses of anti-rabies vaccine in the latter part of year 2013. The OIE donated the vaccines which have been utilized to immunize dogs through DAPH throughout the island. A few thousand vaccines remain with field veterinarians and at this juncture, a public/private partnership anti-rabies vaccination campaign through SLVA is taking place during the month of September 2014. Private practitioners display a sign board “Free Dog Rabies Vaccination” and immunize dogs free of charge with OIE donated vaccines.

A “World Rabies Day celebration and scientific symposium” will be held at the Institute of Continuing Education / DAPH Peradeniya, on Friday 26 by DAPH in collaboration with OIE and SLVA.

Kandy Municipal Council has organized a “Foot Walk” at Kandy city to create awareness among public, and a dog sterilization and vaccination program including stray dogs, with OIE donated vaccines.

At Veterinary Investigation Centres in each district (21 Number), there will be a dog sterilization and vaccination program in the last week of September.

In order to create awareness among general public on World Rabies Day a press conference was held on “Animal Rabies Elimination” and World Rabies Day with the participation of DAPH, SLVA and Private Practitioners Forum at Veterinary Teaching Hospital / University of Peradeniya on September 22, 2014. Twenty media organizations were invited for that.

All these activities are expected to contribute toward the National Rabies Elimination program in Sri Lanka.