Bangladesh World Rabies Day Events

From the 15th to the 29th September a variety of events including school programmes, seminars, press conferences and rallies are taking place across the country to raise awareness and educate people about Rabies. 

The Rabies in Asia Foundation of Bangladesh has organised a range series of events to promote awareness and educate people about rabies:


  • School education sessions
  • Seminars
  • A rally
  • A roadshow
  • A press conference
  • Brochure distribution
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At the national level, Bangladesh has organised a celebration of World Rabies Day to raise rabies awareness in the entire population. Events include:

  • A school programme in Dhaka involving four primary schools
  • Two university seminars
  • A press conference
  • A fair
  • A roadshow
  • Rallies
  • An inaugural celebration
  • An open seminar
  • A Little Doctors programme involving 110000 government primary schools.
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