Afghanistan Rabies Vaccination Program Report

The OIE provided a total 200,000 rabies vaccine dose towards the Afghanistan national rabies vaccination implementation program which was inaugurated in September.

The implementation program includes:



  1. Mass vaccination campaigns of village owned dogs.
  • Provincial veterinary epidemiologists of 33 provinces of Afghanistan were trained for the rabies vaccine implementation program by central epidemiology department (CED).
  • Rabies public awareness materials were provided to be distributed to the target areas.
  • A total of 398 veterinary field units (VFUs) were contracted to implement rabies vaccinations to vaccinate owned dogs.
  • A total of 169,000 vaccine doses were distributed to 398 district of all 34 provinces.
  • A total number of 550 rabies vaccines were delivered to Nowzadcharity and main private pet clinics located in Kabul.
  • In parallel to the routine rabies vaccination program, rabies passive surveillance has been reinforced by all contracted VFUs across the country.
  1. Through the public media urban civilians were encouraged to vaccinate their dogs in private clinics located in urban areas.