One Health Fellows attend the 2nd International Conference on One Medicine One Science (iCOMOS)

The 2nd International Conference on One Medicine One Science (iCOMOS) was held on the St. Paul campus of the University of Minnesota from April 24-27, 2016. Two Fellows from the One Health Epidemiology Fellowship Program, Dr Swagat Nepal (MVM) from Nepal and Dr Muhammad Asaduzzaman (MPH) from Bangladesh, were awarded travel grants by the meeting sponsors enabling them both to attend and present posters at the conference. Dr Eric Neumann, part of the Fellowship training team at Massey University also attended the meeting.


The Conference was focussed on 'The Science Behind One Health, at the Interface of Humans, Animals and the Environment'. The aims of the meeting were to provide a global forum to (i) communicate the importance of science in solving pressing health issues at the interface of humans, animals and the environment; (ii) facilitate interdisciplinary, international collaborations embracing health, science and economics; and (iii) inform public policy development that is necessary for preserving human and animal health.


An international panel of speakers on topics as diverse as Precision Medicine, the impact of Air Quality and Environmental Exposures on human and animal health, Zoonotic Disease in wildlife, public policy on Water Quality, the Economics of disease, and the influence of Climate Change on animal diseases were involved in the conference. In addition, special workshops were held on Global Health Policy, Big Data, Human and Canine Epilepsy, and Team Science. In addition, polar explorer Ann Bancroft from shared her experiences of travel around the world raising awareness for conservation, public health, and peace.


Massey University made important contributions at this international conference of One Health experts which was attended by nearly 400 participants from 30 countries. Posters presented by the Massey team included:

  • Risk Mapping of Japanese Encephalitis (JE) using swine movement network analysis and environmental factors including land use patterns in Nepal (S. Nepal, B.K. Sharma, B.P. Gupta, P. Jolly, J. McKenzie, S. Dorjee, R. Morris)
  • Epidemiology, impact, prevention, and control of Nipah encephalitis in Bangladesh: A systematic review of a One Health issue (M. Asaduzzaman, S. Mahmood)
  • Science informing public policy and economics of health in South Asia using a One Health framework focussed on priority endemic zoonotic diseases (E. Neumann, P. Jolly, J. McKenzie, S. Dorjee, R. Morris)
  • Assessment of zoonotic disease surveillance alternatives to optimize effectiveness and cost by simulating disease simultaneously in wildlife, livestock, and humans (E. Neumann, S. Wang, R. Morris, R. Cannon, M. Wada)