About the One Health Network - South Asia


In 2009, a European Commission evaluation mission identified an urgent need to further applied epidemiological skills in human and animal health within South Asia.

In 2010, the World Bank approved a plan from Massey University to implement a two-phase program to develop a capacity-building program to strengthen responses to outbreaks of major zoonotic diseases in South Asia. To achieve this goal, the One Health Network-South Asia was created to enhance in-country and regional capacity in epidemiology and biosecurity.


The One Health Network-South Asia forms a foundation for collaboration, resource sharing and communication between public health, domestic animal health and wildlife health professionals. The existence of this network is facilitating the development of effective disease surveillance activities, contributing towards reducing the risk of disease incursions, and enhancing the response to emerging infectious diseases in the South Asia region. 


In the first phase of this program, 66 public health and animal health professionals completed post-graduate training in epidemiology and biosecurity: 59 were awarded a Master's degree and 7 a Post-Graduate Certificate. As part of the second phase of this program the graduates of this program have helped to establish eleven epidemiological Collaborative Investigation Projects focused on national zoonotic disease priorities in their countries. 

As this program has progressed, the One Health Network has developed into an overarching nexus connecting country-based One Health Hubs, the participants in the Collaborative Investigation Projects, and other collaboration groups across South Asia.

Hubnet Resources

The One Health Network-South Asia is underpinned by Hubnet, providing a resource in which members can share information, expertise and resources, both internally as well as with regional and international organizations such as the Food and Agriculture Organization and the World Health Organization.

Using powerful collaboration software, members of the One Health Network can connect and collaborate with other members on disease topics of interest; access members-only news and updates from Hubs, Projects and Collaboration Groups; read and respond to announcements about regional, national and project activities; view and contribute to discussions within the network; learn about upcoming One Health Network events; search for and make contact with experts and colleagues; and find a wealth of information and resources on One Health in South Asia.


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