Collaborative epidemiology projects focused on high priority zoonotic diseases

Collaborative investigation projects (CIPs) are underway in seven countries within the One Health Network-South Asia. These CIPs are epidemiological projects that are focused on the national disease priorities, critical needs and key constraints identified after consultation with each country.

The projects involve integrated investigations of important zoonotic diseases in both animal and human populations. The outcomes delivered from these studies will be formulated into policy recommendations with an aim to aid government decision making regarding disease control strategies in the region.

Project participants are being supported in study design and implementation, data analysis and interpretation, and the formulation of policy recommendations based on the study outcomes. Regional cooperation is being facilitated through knowledge-sharing workshops where collaboration is enhanced due to simultaneous studies of the same diseases taking place in multiple countries.

Participants are encouraged and supported to publish the results of their investigations and to present these at regional and international meetings and conferences.

Multi-country collaboration groups have also been established in the One Health Network-South Asia to provide a forum in which people can collaborate on issues related to a common zoonotic disease priority, such as rabies.